The student department are required to learn the knowledge about mathematics and software development based on software and infomation service industry.The student are to be equipped with sound mathematical foundation and matematical thinking ability,and hava specialties on algorithm design,software development and information security.They are well qualified to engage in science and technology,education,information and economic industry,or continue to purue master or doctor degree.

The specialty has close relationship with Tiajin’s strategic emerging industry,which have two major fields:”algorithm and software design and information security”.

The students learn the basic theory and mathods in mathematics,computer and infoemation seience,receive the training of mathematic model,algorithm analysis,program design and software development.The graduates habe the advantage in program design and software,and meet the requirements of project development in the industries.

The length of schooling of this majore is four years.Student can receive aBachelor of Science degree after graduation.The master’s degree can also be granted in this major.